Shuttle Launch Sequence: environment, surfacing, lighting, fumeFX, and compositing

Blood Flow Animation: modeling, surfacing, lighting,particles, and compositing

Truck Explosion Sequence from "The Cape": fumeFX explosion, fire, and smoke

The Cape Vanishes: fumeFX smoke

The Cape jumps out of window sequence: character modeling, surfacing, animation, ClothFX

Crane Crash sequence for CSI Miami: fumeFX, and debris

Car replacement sequence for CSI Miami: surfacing, lighting, tracking, rotoscoping, and compositing

Future Combat Systems Vehicles for Boeing: surfacing, lighting, and tracking

Rally Car Dust: environment, surfacing, lighting, animation, fumeFX, and compositing

Hands to Ashes for CSI Miami: modeling, match move, particles, fumeFX

The Cape to the Rescue: ClothFX

Into the Storm: environment, surfacing, fx, and compositing

V2 Unmanned aircraft: environment, surfacing, lighting, animation, and compositng

Cell Animation: modeling, surfacing, lighting, animation, particles, and compositing

The Cape Vanishes: fumeFX smoke

Willow Smith 21st Century Girl: BG buildings surfacing, lighting, dust, and compositing

Building Explosion for The Cape: fumeFX explosion, particles, and afterburn

Taco Truck Explosion Sequence for The Cape: truck modeling, surfacing, lighting, animation, fumeFX explosion, and compositing